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Register for the LeidenGlobal Course for PhD & Research Master students

23 August 2023

Beyond Discipline and Place in the Social Sciences and the Humanities, with these fields taken to include Archaeology and Law, is an annual lecture series for PhD and Research Master's students at LeidenGlobal partner institutions. Previous editions have received highly favourable evaluations.

Application for this fall course 2023 is open until September 11th, 2023.

Information on a related seminar for PhD students, Methodologies in the Social Sciences and the Humanities, will be forthcoming this fall. 

This seminar series offers advanced research students an opportunity to examine how scholars in the academic fields of the Social Sciences and the Humanities, including Archaeology and Law, locate their work in relation to disciplinary conventions, reflect on their socio-political positions as researchers in relation to their research, and explore choices of discipline and place along their career path.  

Through the semester advanced research students will learn of different approaches to discipline and place, consider the potential value of each as well as the challenges and barriers to implementation. Together participants will work to locate their emerging research projects, with attention to reseachers’ positionality and ethical practise. The course outline is attached. 

You will review some material in preparation for each session, and attend one session per week, from mid September to mid December. If you're worried about the time this will take away from your own research, think twice. Seeing the bigger picture is as useful as it is inspiring, and stepping back from the pressure cooker of your own project to connect with fellow students in other fields can be a very productive thing – not to mention that it's fun. 

Please discuss this opportunity with your advisors, and keep an eye on the deadline. 

For more information, please write to info@leidenglobal.nl or contact the person responsible for PhD or Research Master's training in your institution. 

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