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Safety tip: Do you know how to get to the nearest emergency exit?

12 March 2024

Although nobody would want it to happen, a situation such as a fire, a flood or a major technical fault could occur where people need to leave the university building fast. If something like that happens, it’s a great help if you know which way to go.

Are you reading this notice from your workplace? If so, look around you to see where the nearest emergency exit is. The escape routes are indicated by green luminous signs. A white arrow points you in the direction of the exit.

If you leave the building during an emergency, you will probably out of habit go to the 'normal' main entrance. However, it is important to keep these routes clear for emergency services who need to get into the building quickly. So, if possible, always choose an emergency exit.

If you need to leave the building as fast as possible, keep in mind: 

  • Follow the escape route symbols to the nearest emergency exit (white pictograms on a green background).
  • Take the stairs, not the lift.
  • Always follow the instructions of the in-house emergency service team. You will recognise them by their brightly coloured jackets. Let them know if there are still people in the building.
  • Don’t stand near to the entrance of the building, but move to a place at a safe distance from the building and wait for further instructions from the emergency service team.
  • And most important of all:  stay calm.

What to do in the event of an evacuation

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