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1K Z1E J3 benches and conversation cookies at Leiden Law School

13 September 2023

Talking about suicidal thoughts is important, but anything but easy. To help make this difficult subject easier to discuss for students and staff, the university is organising an action week following the national campaign '1K Z1E J3' by the 113 Suicide Prevention Foundation. 'The worst thing you can do is not talk about it.'

Leiden Law School has also put up plaques at various places in the Kamerlingh Onnes Building and the Sterrewacht and is handing out so-called 'conversation cookies' during the week of 12 September. These are meant to act as an icebreaker to start a conversation with another person. The cookies also come with a yellow ribbon. The yellow ribbons are a symbol of hope, showing that you would like to help prevent people feeling lonely and distraught from ending their lives.

Where can the conversation plaques be found?

  • Next to the bench near the central entrance of the KOG.
  • In the Student Living Room, by the coat racks.
  • Outside in front of the KOG entrance, on the stone circular wall on both the left and right side.
  • In the coffee room of the Observatory, on the wall near the bench.

Do you need help?

Thinking about suicide or worried about someone? Talking about suicide helps and can be done anonymously via the chat at www.113.nl or by phone 0800-0113. Conversations with 113 are anonymous and confidential.   

Are you in mortal danger? Call 112 immediately. 

If you would like to talk about other matters that are troubling you, please contact the student psychologists. The student psychologists offer short-term counselling for both study and personal problems. Please note: for diagnostics or long-term help, contact your GP for a referral.

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