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Dignity and respect in the online learning environment: share and join the campaign

5 September 2023

The way we treat each other can affect our own enjoyment and sense of safety and that of others within our academic community. It can also have an effect on our students’ results.

Students use a variety of online environments, such as WhatsApp groups for their study programme or association, Kaltura, Brightspace and MS Teams. These form part of their learning environment. It is important that everyone is aware of this and chooses to participate in a manner that is both constructive and appropriate for an academic learning environment Together, students and staff can help create a safe and pleasant learning environment for everyone at Leiden University.


To draw attention to this, a campaign has been developed in consultation with student representatives. The campaign includes a number of Do’s to get students and staff thinking about their behaviour in online study environments. The Do’s aren’t that complicated, but you may not have given them much thought in your private online environments.

Share the Do’s in your online environments

Are you a lecturer or mentor, for example, and would you like to help create a safe online learning environment? Or are you the admin of a university WhatsApp group or do you moderate a chat group or Teams environment? Join in and download the toolkit. You’ll find the Do’s, various illustrations and a deck of PowerPoint slides that you can show during a lecture. Thank you for helping create an online learning environment where we treat each other with dignity and respect.

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