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FSW lecturers and support staff share information on AI in education

28 September 2023

At the second AI in Education @ FSW Meetup on 21 september, lecturers and support staff discussed how to provide information on AI to students. Students should be able to fall back on reliable and up-to-date information about AI, those present felt. And there should be clear guidelines for responsible use. 

Ethical use

Developments within generative AI (GenAI) are so rapid that providing accurate information can be a challenge. But perhaps more importantly, students need to know where they stand when it comes to ethical use of AI. For example, when is it permissible to use ChatGPT, and when are you committing plagiarism? Leiden University provides information for students and teachers on its website about the (un)responsible use of AI in education. It is also stipulated in the R&R of the examination boards that improper use is considered fraud. 

Learning module

A learning module in which students are guided step by step, such as the e-module Responsible use of Generative Artificial Intelligence in education of the UvA could also be an option for Leiden University. It is most effective if such a module becomes a mandatory part of the curriculum - so that you can expect every student to have the same knowledge. 

Come to the next meetup!

The next Meetup will take place on 19 October from 16.00-17.00. We will then have Francisca Jungslager (Honours College, Pedagogical Sciences) as our guest. She wrote - together with Wilma Maljaars - the book Critical Thinking & Writing, which focuses on the possibilities and limitations of ChatGPT at every step of the writing process.

During the meeting, Francisca uses examples to show at what points the development of analytical capabilities is crucial for making informed decisions and where a chatbot such as ChatGPT currently (still) falls short.  

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