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Learn more about your job satisfaction during Career Week

19 September 2023

Do you know what boosts and what drains your energy at work? Want to increase your job satisfaction and work on your personal development? This is something you may be curious about even if you are perfectly happy in your job.

It is National Careers Week from 18 to 22 September. Ine, a careers adviser at HRM Learning & Development, says, ‘It’s a week when we want to highlight the importance of job satisfaction. We want to support staff development. A first step is to find out what gives you the most energy, what you’re good at and where you want to develop. This is really valuable knowledge because it helps you make small changes that will allow you to take control of your job satisfaction. By paying extra attention to this you really do invest in yourself.’

Know yourself

Want to give it a try? Get to know yourself better with the free tests on the Career Platform. Evaluate your job satisfaction in four steps in the Job Satisfaction in Focus questionnaire. Also take a look at the list of Conditions at Work and see what appeals to you most: Do you perform best with a lot of freedom in your work, do you like to have clearly defined tasks or is recognition most important to you? Then take the Work Values Test to identify your unique personal values profile and discover how to increase your job satisfaction.

You will find all sorts of career development tips and tools on the Career Platform. Get to know yourself better so you can make the right choices and feel happy and balanced in your work. The results of the tests are private and are only visible to you.

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