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New reference amounts for leaving dos, gifts, etc. added to reimbursement guidelines

26 September 2023

The university has internal guidelines on reimbursing expenses incurred by its staff. These include the cost of occupational health and safety facilities, computers and gifts − such as flowers for a sick colleague. These are specified in the Guidelines on Payments, Allowances and Dispositions.

The guidelines were recently updated with reference amounts for, among others, leaving dos and Christmas hampers. The changes made are, broadly speaking:

  • On death: a gift from the university will be reimbursed up to €25 maximum, as long as it does not involve cash or vouchers. 
  • Christmas hampers: a maximum of one hamper per person. A maximum sum of € 50 was already specified.
  • The guidelines include a table with maximum reference amounts and possible gifts for, among others, staff who are starting or leaving the university or on long-term sick leave (longer than six weeks). This makes it clear what, for example, may be spent on a colleague’s leaving do.

Want to find out more? The updated guidelines can be found on the staff members page.

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