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Revisions to Parameter Model Archaeology focus on committee work and research projects of substantial size

27 September 2023

At the Faculty of Archaeology, academic staff have expressed their wish to the Faculty Board for increased clarity in the allocation of teaching, research and administrative tasks. A strong signal was also picked up from the Personnel Monitor and subsequent round-table discussions. Departmental Chairs and the Faculty Council, in their dealings with the Faculty Board, have also argued compellingly for clear frameworks. These frameworks were initially established in 2019 in the so-called ‘Parameter Model’.

In the summer of 2023, some revisions were made in the Parameter Model, most importantly:

  • Membership of some of the Faculty’s committees is now included in the Parameter Model as administrative tasks
  • Leading a research project of substantial size now gives staff members a (partial) exemption of administrative and committee work

See the Parameter Model for more details.

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