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Open Science at Leiden University: let your voice be heard!

22 November 2023

We're working to make Open Science the norm at our university. To do this, it's important that all employees have the knowledge and resources they need to incorporate Open Science practices into their daily work.

Tell us what you need by taking our 5-minute survey.

All opinions matter

The survey is for researchers, lecturers and all university employees who advise or support people in these roles. You don’t need to be an Open Science expert to participate. We value your input, whether or not you practice Open Science in your daily work.

Currently we have a gap in representation from some faculties and functions.

Do you come from one of the under-represented faculties or groups? If yes, we really want to hear from you. Your thoughts and experiences will help us better understand Open Science needs and challenges across our university.

Graphic showing results so far from the Open Science survey
Open Science survey results so far, split by faculty and function. Some faculties are over-represented (especially considering the number of staff working at each faculty). Others are under-represented. For a good indication of the barriers, needs and ideas across faculties, disciplines and job positions, we need more respondents. This means you!

The questions focus on:

  • What you know about Open Science and how you implement it.
  • Any challenges you face when trying to practice Open Science.
  • Ideas for how the university can make it easier for everyone to embrace an open future.

The results

The results will be shared and used by Leiden University’s Academia in Motion programme and the Open Science Community Leiden to improve Open Science services and resources for Leiden University employees.

Together we can help Leiden University move towards a more open future!

Join the movement

This survey is one of many Open Science initiatives happening at our university. We encourage you to become part of the Open Science Community Leiden and to get in touch with the Academia in Motion team in your faculty.

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