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Human resources

Vincent Wolters interim HR adviser at Archaeology

11 September 2023

Vincent Wolters will replace Isabelle Mollink as HR adviser from September 1 until the end of 2023 due to maternity leave

‘I would like to introduce myself: in addition to being the proud father of a student daughter Stella and a paddle enthusiast together with my partner Paula, I am a consultant and manager with 30+ years of HRM fascination and have been working at Leiden University since January 2018. I started at the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs where I became involved in the development of, among other things, the academic career policy and professor appointment procedures.

Attracted by the start of the Recognition and Appreciation programme, I subsequently made the switch to Administration and Central Services (Bestuursbureau). Involved in the creation of Academia in Motion, I have taken up various other themes such as Teacher Policy, Personnel in Figures, Starter and Incentive Grants and the development of the UFO structure.

Now back at a Faculty, I am happy to contribute to the further implementation and development of HR Policy within Archaeology. Hopefully, I will see you soon! And I look forward to a pleasant collaboration.’

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