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Sign up for free activities during the Healthy University Week 2023

16 October 2023

Perhaps you already cycle to work, use the stairs more often, eat a healthy lunch or take a walk with a colleague during the lunch break. Then you’re already doing great work on your health! But it’s possible to do even more, and Leiden University wants to help you with this! This year’s Healthy University Week runs from 23 to 27 October and we’re offering a wide variety of free workshops, group classes and inspiration sessions, designed to help us create a healthy living environment.

Take part together

The programme is highly varied and includes inspiration sessions on how to work on improving your mental and physical health, your energy level, an accessible work environment or a good night’s sleep. You can also get moving in the University Sports Centre (USC) with all kinds of active group classes, such as spinning, strength training, yoga, Pilates, tennis and football. Master’s students in the area of Health Psychology will also present various workshops (in English) on themes like exercise, stress, sleep, alcohol and nutrition.

The activities are open to all staff members. The university is eager that you take the time to work on your own vitality and resilience. Choose what appeals to you most and take a colleague along too! Attend a workshop with them or an online inspiration session, do an office workout together in the lunch break or compete with each other in a game of football or tennis.

Feeling inspired? Then go to the programme and sign up now.

Why have a healthy living environment?

A healthy living environment is an invitation to take exercise, eat and drink healthily, relax and spend time with one another. And a healthy living environment also means an accessible work environment for everyone. Why is that important? The results of the latest Personnel Monitor are revealing: we need ways to counterbalance the demands imposed on us by work and a busy life.

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