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Need help with a media appearance or interview? Check the Media Guide for Researchers

16 October 2023

Leiden University appreciates it if you as a researcher take the time every now and then to explain your work to a wider audience. This could be in a radio or TV appearance, an interview in a newspaper or magazine, or a contribution to a vlog or podcast. This is how we involve society in what we do as a university and show why this is valuable to everyone. To help you with such media appearances, we have a Media Guide for Researchers.

The Media Guide offers practical tips and advice on working with journalists or preparing for a media appearance. For example, what’s the best way to respond if a journalist calls you out of the blue? What agreements could you make before deciding whether or not to respond to a press request? And how do you make your story entertaining in media performances or interviews? The guide also includes social media tips. It also lists whom to contact at the university for advice or extra training.

The Media Guide for Researchers is particularly useful for young researchers who have little or no media experience. The guide is available in Dutch and English.

More information

Want to find out more about science communication? See here for more information and inspiration. Questions about the Media Guide for Researchers? Contact the Science Communication Adviser.

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