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Collective Labour Agreement of Dutch Universities 2023-2024 published

7 November 2023

On 3 November, the Universities of the Netherlands published the final text of the Collective Labour Agreement of Dutch Universities (CAO NU) 2023-2024. The final text is based on the CAO announced on 26 July.

On 26 July 2023, the unions and the Universities of the Netherlands employer organisation reached a final agreement on the CAO NU 2023-2024. The salary increases and lump sum in the final agreement have already been processed and all Leiden University employees have since received them. In addition, the final text of the CAO NU 2023-2024 was announced on 3 November, which also includes the other CAO changes. These include the following:

  • More permanent contracts for lecturers: according to the latest available data (2021), 15.0% of the teaching staff (professor, assistant professor, associate professor, lecturer 1 to 4) in the sector are in positions with temporary contracts. There are agreements to reduce this within the entire sector to 13.5%;
  • Introduction of paid transition leave of up to two weeks for necessary medical and non-medical treatment and any recovery time without the need to call in sick;
  • In consultation with employee organisations, universities will be given the opportunity to carry out local experiments and pilots under Recognition & Rewards.

The precise agreements are in the final text of the CAO 2023-2024 and can be found here. (An English translation will be available soon.)

What now?

The HRM Directorate is currently processing the latest CAO changes and will implement them together with the faculties and centres of expertise. Since the changes take effect at different times, this implementation will be phased. If relevant changes are made, the employees concerned will be notified.

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