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Do you want to share your thoughts about teacher development?

10 November 2023

As a teacher, you are most probably aware of the many different sides to teaching. But do you ever think about how you can develop your knowledge and skills in the field of teaching? And what development opportunities are available to you? 

In order to draw attention to the development paths available to teachers*, a teacher development model and reflection instrument were created.  This model provides an insight into the different areas of work within education where you, as a teacher, can develop your professionalism according to your interests and ambitions. The model also serves as a tool for discussing growth and development opportunities between teacher and manager, and provides insight into development needs at a team level. 

*teachers, skills teachers, UDs, UHDs and professors

Focus groups Teacher Development

In the coming period, we will investigate the practical applicability of the teacher development model through focus groups. Based on the findings of the focus groups, we will further refine the model if necessary.

Are you curious about the model and how you could use it? And would you like to contribute to its further development? Then please register for a focus group session! You can sign up for one of the following sessions

Please sign up via the button below. If you are unable to join on one of these dates, but would like to contribute, please indicate this on the form. We may be able to plan another meeting.

With this project we will work towards better facilitation and encouragement of teacher development. By this, we mean the development and updating of knowledge and skills needed to continue doing a good job as a teacher. You can help by participating in the conversation. The results of the focus group will be included in a report for the project coordinator and faculty administrators so that they can make decisions on further approaches to teacher development.


The focus groups are organised by Marlous Dekker, HR advisor of the Faculty of Humanities, in cooperation with Laura Schneider (Faculty of Social Sciences) and Anthea Aerts (LLInC).

For more information you can contact Marlous Dekker via m.l.dekker@hum.leidenuniv.nl

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