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The Back Office Registrations for all your information on university registrations with research funders

23 November 2023

Are you planning to submit a research application or respond to a call? Then you usually need a registration number. The university is registered as an organisation in various research funder databases and systems. These registrations have become increasingly complicated. This led to the Back Office Registrations being set up in 2023 and recently opened. The Back Office manages the registrations together with other relevant information for grant proposals.

Information on registrations

The Back Office has information on registration numbers (e.g. the university’s PIC and VAT numbers) and frequently requested declarations, etc.

This information can be found in fact sheets on various university webpages:

Approval and signing process

If you need to have research-related contracts and grand documents approved and signed, see the RfA flowchart for more information. 


Researchers are kindly requested to first contact their grant adviser for further advice and information on research grants. The grant adviser can contact the Back Office Registrations if they need additional information.

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