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Do you have an Apple ID that uses your university email address? This will change

12 December 2023

Have you ever created an Apple ID using your university email address? If so, you can expect a message from Apple asking you to change your email address. This is a legitimate message. Below is an explanation why we kindly request you to comply with Apple’s request.

Why do you receive an e-mail from Apple?

From 12 February 2024, you will no longer be able to use your Apple ID with your university email address. Do you currently have your own Apple ID linked to a university email address? If so, then you have until Sunday 11 February to change it. If you do not do so, then Apple will create an automatically generated email address for you. You will receive emails and notifications about this on your device until your email is changed. These messages will be sent to you Apple ID’s registered email address. 

Why do you need to change your Apple ID email address?

Leiden University is going to use the domain leidenuniv.nl to to create Apple IDs managed by the university. For this reason, this domain name can no longer be used for personal Apple IDs. This also applies to the use of addresses with @law.leidenuniv.nl, @hum.leidenuniv.nl @ufb.leidenuniv.nl, @bb.leidenuniv.nl, etc. The university has therefore requested Apple to give all existing Apple ID accounts with the university domein name @vuw.leidenuniv.nl a different email address.

More information

If you wish to know more about how to convert your Apple ID e-mail address, please visit the helpdesk portal and read knowledge item KI 4465.

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