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Ludo Waltman: New Open Science Ambassador for Academia in Motion

8 December 2023

Ludo Waltman — Professor of Quantitative Science Studies and incoming director at the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) — is taking on the role of Open Science Ambassador for our university's Academia in Motion programme. Waltman starts on 1 January. He takes over the role from Paul Wouters, current Open Science Ambassador and dean of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (FSW).

Strong advocate for Open Science

Throughout his career, Waltman has been a strong advocate for open science.

“Open Science is crucial to bring about fundamental improvements in the science system, for example in terms of the transparency and reproducibility of research and the interaction and collaboration between researchers and societal stakeholders. We can be proud that the Netherlands is one of the global leaders in Open Science. Within the Netherlands, we in Leiden distinguish ourselves with a robust evidence-informed approach, in which we also make the link with new ways of recognizing and rewarding employees.”

Key contact point

In his ambassador role, Waltman will be a key contact point for all things Open Science — within the university and to the outside world. He will promote Open Science principles, stimulate the development of university-wide Open Science activities and pilots, and share his knowledge as an Open Science expert. Waltman will also participate in the AiM Steering Group, working especially closely with Karlijn Hermans, Open Science programme coordinator, and Marieke Adriaanse, Recognition & Rewards Ambassador.

Waltman is looking forward to applying his open science knowledge within the AiM programme.

“Through Academia in Motion, I hope to get to know even more Leiden colleagues who are engaged in open science, or who want to get started with it.”

Take action too!

The Academia in Motion (AiM) programme stands for a better balance between education and research. It’s also about finding new ways of recognising and rewarding our employees, and about putting open science, collaboration, well-being and leadership at the heart of our work.

If you have questions about Academia in Motion or a great idea you’d like to share, email them to academiainmotion@bb.leidenuniv.nl.

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