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Meet Leiden Law School’s new teaching and learning specialist: 'enhancing modules together'

16 January 2024

A challenging new phase of the Kernvisie implementation is set to begin in early 2024: the lecturer phase. The Taskforce has been instructed to set out and implement advice from the Kernvisie. Over the past year, more than 40 lecturers have worked on this in collaboration with colleagues from the Cleveringa Institute. Details of some of the teams' work and information on how to get involved is available on the Kernvisie website. In the past months, answers have been formulated to questions such as: how do we activate students more effectively through our teaching and learning? Which interdisciplinary perspectives are we going to weave into the curriculum? How do we increase students’ participation? From a plethora of activating teaching methods tailored to Law, to the integration of interdisciplinary weeks in our modules, it’s now a matter of incorporating those answers into our curriculum with the help of our Course Coordinators and lecturers.

Support for Course Coordinators and lecturers

The Course Coordinators and lecturers aren’t on their own: they are supported by the various Kernvisie teams, including ‘Team 1 Strengthening skills and interdisciplinarity’. Members of this team will discuss innovations in skills and interdisciplinarity with Course Coordinators and lecturers. Members of other teams will do the same for their own innovations, such as activating teaching and learning. Individual invitations for these discussions will be sent out in late January.

Internal teaching and learning specialist

Lecturers are also not alone when it comes to actual teaching and learning innovation. As a member of Kernvisie’s Core Team, Lotte van Kesteren provides and coordinates teaching support in her new role as Leiden Law School's full-time internal teaching and learning specialist. Lotte is here to help you develop new study materials for your modules, train staff on new teaching methods and do anything else required to turn the new Kernvisie teaching and learning style into a success. She introduces herself below.

Lotte van Kesteren


Lotte: 'I’m delighted to introduce myself. My name is Lotte van Kesteren and I’m Leiden Law School’s new teaching and learning specialist. I graduated from Utrecht University with a master's degree in Educational Sciences and now use that experience to dedicate myself to teaching and learning within this faculty. Alongside Project Manager Nard Willemse, I have a new role within Kernvisie’s Core Team. Over the coming period, I will provide teaching support and help shape the new, innovative teaching style.'

'During the 2024-2025 academic year, I will be focusing on the initial steps of the Kernvisie implementation. We’ll be introducing new measures related to study success and we’re going to conduct a number of pilots. We will also start developing the Kernvisie curriculum for the 2025-2026 academic year, when we will launch the brand new curriculum for the first cohort of students.'

'I look forward to working with you, enhancing modules together and developing teaching and learning methods that meet both students’ and lecturers’ needs. I’m very confident that, through our shared efforts, we’ll be able to make our teaching and learning even more successful and inspiring. We want to support our lecturers and make their lives easier where possible, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or helpful suggestions, or if you’d simply like to introduce yourself! '

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