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Are your ancillary activities on your profile page?

17 January 2024

All Leiden University staff have their own profile page on the website specifying where they work, contact information, a photo, any publications and any relevant ancillary activities. This page can also be viewed by external parties.

For reasons of integrity, it’s important to keep your own profile page up to date. You are responsible for doing this.

Ancillary activities

Declaring your ancillary activities through the Service Portal is mandatory. Find out how to do this hereOnce you have entered the information, it will be sent to your manager for approval. It is important to assess together whether your ancillary activities could affect your workload or involve a financial aspect that needs to be agreed upon. See also Ancillary activities - Leiden University and Procedure for ancillary activities at Leiden University.

Making changes to your profile page

If you’re a Leiden Law School employee and you need to make changes to your existing profile page, please use this form. Use the same form if you’re a new employee or you have changed roles within the university.

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