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Call for papers: The Routledge International Handbook on Social Exclusion and Radicalisation

26 January 2024

In a world marked by shifting paradigms and emergent challenges, The Routledge Handbook on Social Exclusion and Radicalisation is a ground-breaking compilation that addresses the intricate relationship between social exclusion and radicalisation on a global scale. In response to the prevailing tendency to examine radicalisation from single-level or individualistic perspectives, this handbook takes a comprehensive approach by embedding radicalisation within the broader context of socio-political, economic, and cultural dynamics of exclusion and marginalisation.

This pioneering handbook assembles leading scholars from a variety of fields, including sociology, political science, anthropology, and social psychology. Their multidisciplinary insights offer a well-rounded understanding of social exclusion as a precursor to radicalisation on a global scale. Chapters draw from a diverse array of theoretical frameworks and employ both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Moreover, beyond retrospective analyses, authors look into the contemporary contexts of social exclusion, enabling them to make informed projections about future trends in radicalisation.

Call for papers

The authors welcome chapter proposals from authors across disciplines that address the complex dynamics between social exclusion and radicalization in diverse cultural contexts across the globe. Potential topics include but are not limited to:

  • Case studies analysing radicalisation among excluded minority groups in specific countries or regions;
  • Comparative analyses of exclusion/radicalisation across different settings;
  • Exploration of exclusion’s emotional and psychological impacts;
  • Processes linking marginalisation to extremist ideologies;
  • Effectiveness assessments of counter-radicalisation policies and programming.

Both conceptual analyses and empirical research are welcomed. Authors should situate their work within the broader exclusion-radicalisation scholarship and highlight novel contributions to theory, methodology, and practice. Interdisciplinary approaches are strongly encouraged. Read the full Call for Papers here.

Submisson and questions

Chapter proposals are due 29 February. Acceptance decisions follow within 6 weeks. The final draft chapters are due on 31 August.

Please direct inquiries, questions and submissions to t.abbas@fgga.leidenuniv.nl, l.p.e.vostermans@fgga.leidenuniv.nl and r.mcneil@fgga.leidenuniv.nl

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