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Changed rates of continued payment of wages during illness

1 February 2024

The rates of the continued payment of wages during illness have been changed. This can be read in the new version of the Dutch Universities’ Sickness and Disability Scheme (ZANU 2024, in Dutch) that was published on Monday 22 January 2024. The main changes include the following:

  • Under the ZANU 2024, incapacitated employees remain entitled to 100% of their salary in the first 52 weeks of their incapacity. After the end of the 52 weeks, up to and including 104 weeks – counted from the first day of illness – there will be a reduction to 70% of salary for the hours not worked.
  • Employees who receive 76% of their salary for the hours not worked on 31 December 2023 based on ZANU 2021 (the previous scheme) will retain this percentage until the end of the remaining 104-week period.

On the basis of ZANU 2024, the continued payment of wages rates will be effective from 1 January 2024. As a consequence, some employees will be subject to the new scheme with retroactive effect. Employees concerned will be personally informed and compensated when required.

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