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Recognition & Rewards: share your experiences in this national survey

22 January 2024

As an academic employee, how are you recognized and rewarded for your work? Have policies or your daily experiences changed since 2019, when the national Recognition & Rewards program was launched by the Universities of the Netherlands (UNL)?

A national survey has been launched in order to assess Recognition & Rewards. Would you like to share your experiences? Knowing these will help us make future improvements. Completing the survey will take ten minutes.

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The survey results will help UNL to assess, at a national level, how close we are to recognising and rewarding the diverse work of academics: not only research but also education, impact, leadership and patient care.

The survey can be completed up to and including Friday 11 February.

More information about the survey

The survey is run by independent research bureau Berenschot on behalf of the Recognition & Rewards programme. The data will only be used for an overarching report and will not be shared with third parties.

For any questions, please reach out to: EWcultuurbarometer@berenschot.nl

Academia in Motion at Leiden University

In addition to work at a national level, led by UNL, at Leiden University we are also working to find new ways of recognising and rewarding our employees, and to put open science, collaboration, well-being and leadership at the heart of our work.

We do this through our Academia in Motion programme. To find out more, see the website or sign up for the newsletter.

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