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Calling all researchers: join us at 3 October University!

29 February 2024

Would you like to talk about your research with the people of Leiden? Do you have a game, quiz, moving model or other interactive experience that you can use to share your scientific knowledge? Or would you like to make some such thing but don’t know when you could use it? Why not sign up for 3 October University? This is Leiden University’s interactive WetenschapsWarenmarkt (Science Fair) during the Leidens Ontzet (Relief of Leiden) celebrations.

The city of Leiden is celebrating the 450th anniversary of Leidens Ontzet this year. To mark this special occasion, we are making our WetenschapsWarenmarkt bigger and better, with even more activities for the public and opportunities for them to talk to researchers. With our 3 October University, we as a university celebrate our ties with the city and offer a bit of science amongst all the festivities. This can be in a variety of ways, ranging from an experiment or mini-walking tour to an exciting game. This helps Leideners find out more about science in Leiden.

Jos Damen from the African Studies Centre took part in the 2023 WetenschapsWarenmarkt: ‘I think it’s important that we as researchers actively share knowledge and this is a great way to do so.’

Our 3 October University is organised by the Science Communication team from the Strategic Communication and Marketing department. The organisers are looking for enthusiastic researchers or teams who would like to join us at the WetenschapsWarenmarkt. We are specifically interested in activities that people can do themselves but that won’t take up too much of their time (about 5 to 10 minutes).

So if you fancy joining us with an activity that relates to your research, sign up by sending an email to our Science Communications Adviser, by 31 March. We will schedule a meeting to discuss the next steps.

Sign up!

Sound interesting? Sign up by sending an email to Science Communications Adviser Marieke Epping.

You will need to:

  • Be available on 3 October 2024
  • Bring a colleague along (and make sure that at least one of you speaks Dutch)
  • Keep your interactive activity short, preferably under 10 minutes.
  • Apply by 31 March.
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