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New evening and weekend access policy Van Steenis building: access authorizations limited

15 February 2024

Access to the Van Steenis building will be restricted on weekdays after 19:00 hours as well as throughout the weekends.

As of March 1st, 2024, a new weekend and evening access policy will be implemented for evenings and weekends at the Van Steenis building: access to the building will only be permitted while a receptionist is present. Effectively, this means that access to the building on weekdays will be restricted after 19:00 hours in the evenings as well as throughout the weekends. The building must be vacated by 19:00 hours on weekdays. This has to do with the absence of a receptionist during evenings and weekends, meaning that there is no support or emergency assistance available, including first aid (BHV).

If you have tasks for which access to the Van Steenis building outside of regular office hours is required, such as laboratory work or arriving from fieldwork after 19:00 hours on weekdays or during weekends, you may, in highly exceptional cases, request renewed authorization through your immediate supervisor to Executive Director Jan Pronk. We ask that you only do so if there are no other alternatives due to the nature of your tasks. Leiden University provides various other facilities where you can work outside of regular office hours, such as the Leiden University Library. The need for quiet workspace in the office is, unfortunately, not grounds for evening and weekend access to the Van Steenis building.

These changes apply to all occupants of the Van Steenis building, including Archaeology, CML, Biology, Archol, ISSC, IBL, and UFB. We have discussed these changes with representatives of all occupants of the Van Steenis building, and, for the Faculty of Archaeology, with the Heads of Department. Existing authorizations have been reviewed with these representative groups, and exceptions have already been made for some employees (which can be requested through your supervisor).

If you have, or will have, evening and weekend authorization, we ask that you only be present at the Van Steenis outside of regular office hours when actively engaged in the tasks for which you have been granted access. The rule is that you must be present in pairs, so that assistance can be provided in case of emergency. Additionally, we are compelled to enforce stricter adherence to the following: we strongly urge you to register on the sign-in sheets at the reception desk upon arrival and departure. This is mandatory. Failure to do so may result in the revocation of authorization.

If you have any questions, please address them to your supervisor.

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