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Discover plant-based food at the university during Meat- and Dairy-Free Week

4 March 2024

It is National Meat- and Dairy-Free Week from 4 to 10 March: an invitation to the country to go a week without eating or drinking meat or dairy. At the university, you will also have the chance to try and taste plant-based food and discover how delicious and varied it can be.

During this week, no meat or dairy will be served at the university caf├ęs and restaurants. Instead, a special range of vegetarian dishes will be available. You will be able to enjoy a variety of meat- and dairy-free dishes and gain inspiration from the wide-ranging flavours in a plant-based diet.

Sustainable food and drink

Did you know that by going a week without meat and dairy, you will save as much as 193 litres of water and 80 kilometres of driving? This means an 18% reduction in water consumption and 41% fewer kilometres of CO2 emissions compared with someone who does eat meat and dairy. These calculations were made by the National Meat-Free Week Foundation and are based on replacing meat and dairy with plant-based meat and dairy alternatives. This could mean pulses, nuts, vegan burgers or plant-based drinks.

Together, we can make a positive difference for the future of our planet. Why not join us?

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