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Grassroots en Grass shoots grants 2024-2025 awarded

21 March 2024

The winners of the Grassroots and Grass Shoots 2023-2024 have been announced. Seven (teams of) FSW lecturers will receive grants to innovate their teaching in the coming acadamic year.

This year's seven projects are very diverse in nature: from virtual reality to podcasts and from anatomy labs to a self-care module. The theme that recurs a lot is skills learning - whether it's presenting in front of a large group, giving feedback or diagnosing a problem; in most projects, the educational innovations should go on to improve the learning experience for students.  

Grassroots projects

  • Liza van den Bosch (Education and Child Studies) - FeedBACK AND FORTH: Optimizing student-teacher feedback interactions within the bachelor project Education and Child Studies
  • Fleur Mommersteeg (Education and Child Studies) - E-learning Clinical Reasoning
  • Kim Stroet (Education and Child Studies) - Podcasts for a fuller picture of the debate on educational innovation and research
  • Kelly Ziemer (Psychology) - Self-care and coping skills: A training for graduate students in clinical fields

Projecten Grass shoots

  • Julie Hall and Hanneke Hulst (Psychology) - The tangible brain: an anatomy lab in the curriculum
  • Merel van Vliet and Mi-Lan Woudstra (Education and Child Studies) - A new blended learning design for the course 'Observatie van interacties binnen gezinnen'
  • Francesco Walker (Psychology) - Training presentation skills through Virtual Speech – further implementation
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