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Report a malfunction quick and easy using the renewed Planon

4 March 2024

A broken lamp, is the ventilation not working, is there something wrong with a fume hood, is a printer not working or is a toilet not flushing properly? For all these reports (and many more) you can go to the Planon system. 

New look and feel

Planon is the system where you can make facility requests and report defects in the building, outdoor area or inventory. Recently, the system was given a new look and feel. This resulted in a much more user-friendly system. For instance, the most common reports are already defined and simply select a room number is enough to quickly report a malfunction.

Where can you find Planon?

You can find Planon on the homepage of the employee website. Clicking on the 'report malfunction' button will take you to the system and allows you to make a report (see below).


As soon as you make a report via Planon, the department responsible is notified. You will be kept informed of your report via e-mail.


Do you have a question about Planon? Please contact the service desk: servicedesk@science.leidenuniv.nl.  

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