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Timeline of Leiden Law School’s 450-year history unveiled

14 March 2024

After a short wait for the Faculty Council’s meeting to end, the time had come. On 11 March 2024, the timeline of Leiden Law School’s 450-year history was officially unveiled in the Faculty Room at the Academy Building.

In the presence of staff members, the Faculty Board and members of the Faculty Council – Dean Suzan Stoter thanked all those who had contributed to creating the timeline. The mastermind behind this fascinating journey through time is none other than Professor of Legal History Egbert Koops and his team. With great passion and dedication, they have managed to capture Leiden Law School’s rich history in this beautifully illustrated timeline. The design of this journey through time was created by Bertram van Linge.

The timeline was produced with much care and attention and offers a fascinating glimpse of the history of Leiden Law School in the run up to Leiden University’s 450th anniversary next year.

Egbert Koops:

‘When I was asked to create a piece of history for the Faculty Room wall, which had recently been painted green, I realised I needed to come up with a theme. I chose to focus on the Academy Building as a kind ‘clubhouse’ for all university members. Throughout its history, members were not only the professors – they also included all others who felt at home at the university. For instance, the people who run the university, study, teach, write books, become lawyers… and those who want to change the world. Further along the timeline, they’re joined by women and Indonesian students. This timeline is pretty much future proof. Nothing has been glossed over… equal attention has been paid to both the less favourable aspects and the main events. Of course, a timeline never stops and Bertram’s design shows that: history is endless.’

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