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From 6 May Einsteinweg closed for all traffic

22 April 2024

Due to the construction of the 'Hartlijn', the Einsteinweg, between the Zernikedreef and the Ehrenfestweg, will be closed for through traffic from 6 May. The work area consists of 2 phases (phase 2A and phase 2B) and is expected to last until early August 2024.

Phase 2A

In phase 2A, the traffic lane, cycle path and footpath will be broken up. The work is expected to take place from 6 May to early June. During this work, the work area will be completely closed and there will be a bypass for motorised traffic, cyclists and pedestrians.

Phase 2B

Phase 2B involves work on the new layout; paving, signs and new street lamps will be installed.

This work is expected to last from early June to early August. During the work, the same work area will also be closed and a bypass for traffic has been set up. Pedestrians and cyclists will be able to pas

Accessibility of the campus

During the works, the Lecture Hall Building, the Gorlaeus Building and the bicycle shed will be accessible as usual.


Please contact the servicedesk.

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