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Update on ANS migration process

12 April 2024

As communicated before, the Faculty of Humanities will be switching to a new assessment system for digital exams. Where Remindo is currently used, in the future all faculties will be working with ANS Exam. Since this will apply university-wide, this migration will not only ensure better integration of our assessment system with other systems, but also more efficient management and support from the central organisation.

Because this is an impactful change, the migration process is being carefully prepared. For example, tests have already been conducted to ensure that all questions are transferred properly, and any minor problems will be resolved in advance in cooperation with ANS. Formative tests will be migrated first, the planning for summative tests will follow later.

An important aspect in the migration are the wishes of the teachers involved. In order to ensure that the migration meets all expectations and requirements as much as possible, ECOLe will soon set up meetings with teachers who use Remindo for their digital exams. It will be discussed, for example, which tests and questions need to be transferred from Remindo to ANS and how they are to be categorised in ANS. The teacher's input is very important here. This process will be set up in a way that limits the extra workload for the teacher as much as possible.

To familiarise users with the new system, several workshops will be organised before the summer, provided by the supplier of ANS. If you are interested, please keep an eye on the announcements and sign up for these workshops. Later this year, ECOLe will also provide instructional resources, including practical instructional videos, to assist in using ANS.

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