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Call for applications: MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowship and NWO-Veni 2024

27 June 2024

Two postdoctoral research grant calls are currently open with deadlines in early September:  

The interested candidates should contact a host researcher/supervisor at our Faculty of Archaeology (FdA) and, after consent, inform the Research Support Office of their intention to apply for this call.

In order to receive an embedding guarantee for the research grant the candidate needs to send in their Veni preliminary proposal (narrative CV) and research idea (1000 words), or MSCA preliminary proposal (min. 1000 words), plus faculty embedding, transfer of knowledge and CV to FdA's Research Committee by latest 22nd  of July (extended deadline). The research committee will inform the Faculty Board of Archaeology on their advice, who will subsequently decide on hosting the project and, if so, sign the embedding guarantee.

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