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Candidates wanted for KNAW membership

19 June 2024

Do you know a researcher affiliated to our university who, because of their scientific and scholarly achievements and profile, merits to be welcomed to the learned society of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW)? And may they be expected to make an active and enriching contribution to this Academy? Then nominate this candidate now to your Scientific Director or Director of Research.

About the KNAW

Since its inception, the KNAW has been a learned society of outstanding Dutch scientists and scholars. Membership is awarded on the basis of scientific and scholarly achievement. Members are appointed for life. Members share their knowledge and debate science policy and other issues of interest to science, scholarship and society. By taking part in committees and advisory councils, they also contribute to the KNAW's advisory work, and further serve on juries for various scientific prizes. The Academy aims to form the forum, voice and conscience of science in the Netherlands.

Nominating a candidate

Send the name of your candidate, together with a short motivation, to your Scientific Director or Director of Research as soon as possible. Until 3 July, each faculty may propose two potential candidates to the Rector for nomination. Annually, the rector is invited to nominate up to five candidates for membership to the KNAW: one candidate for each of the four KNAW science domains and one cross-domain candidate. Threesomes of current KNAW members may also nominate candidates, as well as some other parties eligible for nomination. From all candidates, the KNAW will elect 16 new members who will join the Academy in spring 2025.

Members are appointed on the basis of their scientific merit. Candidates have made a unique and excellent contribution to their field and enjoy a strong international standing. They also actively contribute to education and attract and inspire young researchers. The candidates' work also has relevance and/or impact beyond academia, for example in social-cultural, technological or economic areas. Furthermore, they are expected to actively engage in the Academy. Candidates have preferably not yet reached the age of 60 years at the time of appointment and at least the age of 67. When appointing new members, the KNAW also takes into account the even distribution across the different fields within the domain and regional distribution of where the members are active. The KNAW, moreover, attaches great importance to a membership that is diverse in all respects.


Nominations for KNAW membership are confidential. Candidates themselves should not be aware that they are being nominated. Thus, it is not shared which candidates are considered by the rector and are ultimately selected for nomination. Please be assured that when an internal candidate is submitted to the rector through the dean, their candidacy will be considered with due care. 

If you have any questions, please contact Anna Terra Verhage, policy advisor at Strategy and Academic Affairs (SAZ).

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