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Tiele Fellowships 2025: Call for Applications

12 June 2024

The Dr. P.A. Tiele-Stichting is devoted to promoting the study of the book in past, present and future. Its activities include publishing scholarly books and articles and organizing symposia and lectures. In 2021 the Tiele-Stichting has started a fellowship programme to stimulate research in the field of books and reading in the Netherlands and Flanders.

Two fellowships

Each year, two (at most three) Tiele Fellows will receive financial support and research assistance. One of the Fellows will study an aspect of book and reading culture in the past, the other will study an aspect in the present and/or the future.

Grant and support

The grant amounts to € 1.500,- per month, for a period of at least one and at most two months. The study must be carried out in 2025. Depending on the nature of the research, Fellows may be entitled to a work place in one of the institutions associated with the Tiele- Stichting. A scholarly advisor from the Tiele-Stichting’s network will supervise the project.


Tiele Fellowships are open for anyone with demonstrable scholarly skills. A completed PhD is not required.

Application procedure

Please download the application format on the website of the Tiele-Stichting and send it in as PDF via email to info@tiele-stichting.nl. You'll receive a confirmation of receipt.

Selection procedure

The selection committee consists of members of the Scholarly Advisory Board of the Tiele- Stichting and members of the Tiele-Stichting’s Board. The committee will look at both the scholarly level and feasibility of the plan.


Applications should reach the Tiele-Stichting’s coordinator, Annelynn Koenders (info@tiele-stichting.nl), by e-mail before 1 October, 2024. The research will be carried out during a continuous period in 2025. The Fellow reports to the Tiele-Stichting at the end of the Fellowship, and, if possible, delivers a lecture on a Tiele-symposium.


Inquiries with regard to the procedure can be made to the coordinator of the Tiele-Stichting, Annelynn Koenders (info@tiele-stichting.nl). Questions with regard to the subject of the study may be submitted to Jeroen Salman (j.salman@uu.nl; book and reading culture in the past) or Steven Claeyssens (steven.claeyssens@kb.nl; book and reading culture in the present and future).

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