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At Leiden University, cleaning is organised at central level by the General Services Department (UFB). Cleaning activities have been contracted with Hago (educational buildings) and CSU (office buildings).

It goes without saying that all University spaces are kept clean, although some spaces require more frequent cleaning than others. This is why we have divided cleaning into result-based cleaning and effort-based cleaning. Result-based cleaning refers to spaces that have to be clean every day, but do not need daily cleaning. Effort-based cleaning involves a fixed timetable, for example for the lavatories.

Daily cleaning activities

  • Offices and meeting rooms: result-based cleaning
  • Lavatories: effort-based cleaning
  • Lecture halls and practical rooms are cleaned every day before 8:30 hrs
  • Laboratories are cleaned twice a week
  • Corridors, lifts, pantries, restaurants and staircases: effort-based cleaning

As a rule the entrance and reception hall is cleaned before 8:30 hrs.

Periodic cleaning

Periodic cleaning activities such as spraying floors and thorough cleaning of sanitary facilities are performed during the day. In the process we try to interfere as little as possible with daily working activities.

Questions and wishes

All cleaning is checked on a daily basis. If you are nevertheless dissatisfied or if you have any questions, please contact the service desk of your faculty or unit.

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