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Construction projects

If you wish to find out about current construction projects, you will find an up-to-date overview of Leiden University construction projects below.

Humanities Campus project

In ten years’ time, the WSD complex is due to undergo a massive step-by-step transformation. All buildings will be tackled one by one, undergoing anything from a simple conversion to a building shell renovation, or even a new building. For more information, see the Humanities Campus Project (Dutch only).

New Gorlaeus building

The new Faculty of Science Gorlaeus Building offers a high-tech environment with state of the art research and teaching facilities. The first building phase of the Gorlaeus Building was completed at the end of 2016. For more information, see the New Gorlaeus building.

Information concerning the moving to the Arsenal.

If you have any questions, please contact Mariska de Groot, LUCAS secretary, via im-lucas@hum.leidenuniv.nl.

  1. Dates of the relocation
  2. Preparing for the move
  3. Clean up days
  4. Cupboards on the corridors at Van Eyckhof and Van Wijkplaats
  5. What goes along and what doesn't go along
  6. Distribution of workplaces per room
  7. Relocation instructions
  8. Allocation of common cupboards
  9. Opening hours and applying for a key pass
  10. Your telephone accessibility during the move
  11. Limited accessibility LUCAS MT and Office
  12. Reserve a meeting room in Outlook
  13. LUCAS Vital ideas
  14. Update LU card and return your key
  15. Unpack after the move

Dates of the relocation

The move will take place from Monday March 16 to Thursday March 19. The actual relocation takes place on Monday and Tuesday, and the connection of computers and the preparation of the workplaces is planned for Thursday and Friday. This means that you will not be able to use your workplace from March 16 to 19. We request that you find an alternative workplace or work from home elsewhere. You can use your workplace again from Friday 20 March without setback.

OSZ and thus the education administrations are available during the move.

Preparing for the move

Everyone is expected to pack personal items neatly in the materials supplied for this. Moving materials will be delivered on March 2nd on P.N. van Eyckhof 3 (1st, 2nd and 3rd floor) and in the Huizingage building (1st and 2nd floor). Waste paper bins have already been installed.

• Start packing your things on time. If there are too few packing materials, extra can be supplied. The UFB can place extra paper and waste bins for waste on request. For this, please contact Mariska de Groot.

• Carefully read the relocation instructions from Scholte Verhuisgroep (see appendix). It contains tips on packing and the use of stickers. Always stick stickers on the front side of boxes/trays. That makes it easier to search for materials when they are piled up.

• The only furniture that needs to be labeled are your desk and your desk chair. Other furniture is not moved. Drawer blocks do not come along and must be emptied. Everyone gets a new drawer unit in the Arsenal. By the way, there are a few desks that are not moved (such as corner desks). The stickers on these desks are removed during a control round just before the move.

• Pay attention to the retention periods when cleaning up. Exams and papers that have been taken must be kept digitally or in writing for a period of two years. Everything from before may therefore in principle be destroyed; make sure you carefully dispose of these documents in the appropriate containers for confidential paper. The final paper of a student is stored digitally or in writing for a period of at least seven years.

Clean up days

On Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 February we are organizing two clean-up days and we call on everyone to clean up as much as possible during these days and to throw things away that do not go to the Arsenal. During these days, sufficient containers for waste and old (confidential) paper will be provided. In the LUCAS Lounge some delicacies are provided for all hard workers.

Cupboards on the corridors at Van Eyckhof and Van Wijkplaats

Both in the Van Eyckhof building and in Van Wijkplaats, cupboards in the corridors are currently being used. Here too, things that are meant to be relocated must be packed and stored temporarily in the office. Everything that remains in the cupboards will be thrown away.

Mariska de Groot (P.N. van Eyckhof 3, room 1.04b) has a spare key for all cupboards. If you no longer have a key, you can borrow a key from Mariska.

The first boxes will be delivered on Thursday 6 February that you can use to empty the hall cupboards. Labels for the boxes can be collected from the LUCAS secretariat from Thursday 6 February and the boxes can be collected at the P.N. van Eyckhof 3, 1st floor.

What goes along and what doesn't go along

What is included and will receive a sticker:

  1. desk,
  2. office chair,
  3. computer & telephone (do not have to be disconnected and packed; only put a sticker on it)
  4. boxes and trays with personal items,
  5. loose personal items that do not fit in a box.

What is not included and does not receive a sticker:

  1. cupboards,
  2. drawers (do not forget to empty them!),
  3. chairs and stools,
  4. tables and side tables,
  5. other (personal) inventory,
  6. whiteboards, notice boards.

If you have personal furniture (or other items) in your room that are not moved, it is important to take these items home before March 16. After the move, the old workplaces will be emptied immediately and there will no longer be a possibility to collect things. After the move, start unpacking all the boxes as quickly as possible. The mover will come and collect the empty moving boxes on Monday 30 March; then everything must be unpacked.

Distribution of workplaces per room

In the autumn of 2019, the room layout was determined in consultation with all program directors. The appendix contains the map of the Arsenal and a list stating who gets a workplace in which room. The first digit of your office corresponds to the floor of your office. This is important for the color of the labels for your removal boxes (see the attachment with the removal instructions).

The map also shows how many shelves are present per room. If there is a "4", it means that 4 boards of one meter are placed one above the other. If there is a "3", 3 shelves are placed with a desk underneath.

The programme directors will soon be contacted about the rooms where several people will be working, so that it can be agreed who will work at which desk and the computers can be connected correctly.

Relocation instructions

At the moment, a lot of people are packing and cleaning up. All relocation information, including instructions, floor plans of the rooms, and the like can be found here.

Monday 2 March extra moving boxes and special plastic boxes for books will be delivered. These boxes can be completely filled with books. If you have already packed books in the cardboard boxes,  that is no problem as long as the boxes are not too heavy to lift. You do not have to repackage these books in the plastic boxes.

We would like to repeat that the workplaces are not available between Monday 16 and Thursday 19 March. All items must be packed and labeled by Friday 13 March. The workrooms will be emptied immediately after the move.

Allocation of common cupboards

The map shows how many meters of shelf space is available in your room. Apart from this shelf space, there are around 50 closed cabinets in the corridors of the Arsenaal. Since there are around 150 people working in the Arsenaal, the space in these cabinets is limited. If you do not have enough shelf space in your room and you need extra cupboard space, please mail to Mariska de Groot (im-lucas@hum.leidenuniv.nl) no later than Friday 6 March and state in your mail what you need in terms of cupboard space. We will allocate the cupboard space based on all requests.

Opening hours and applying for a key pass

The Arsenaal is freely accessible during regular opening hours (7:30 AM - 5:30 PM).

The entrance door of the Arsenaal closes in the evening and during the weekend. If you want to work in the evening or during the weekend, you can pick up a special key from the front door at the reception in the Lipsius. The outside door key is issued when you hand in a (blue) key pass. You can request the key pass for the Arsenaal via the LUCAS secretariat (lucas@hum.leidenuniv.nl). You can then work in the building during the week until 22:45 and during the weekend until 19:45. The borrowed outside door key must be returned to the Lipsius reception before 11 p.m. and before 8 p.m. on Sunday. If you have a key pass for the building in which you worked before the move, you can throw it away after the move.

Your telephone accessibility during the move

As you know, you do not have access to your workplace during the move. If you still want to be reachable by telephone, you can forward your telephone number from your workplace to your mobile phone free of charge. This also works after your work phone has been disconnected by the movers. How you can set this depends on the type of telephone. If you need help, you can go to the Service Desk.

Limited accessibility LUCAS MT and Office

The LUCAS MT and Office are limited accessible during the move. It may therefore take a little longer before you receive an answer to your mail. If there are urgent matters, we ask you, if possible, to report this as much as possible before the move.

Reserve a meeting room in Outlook

There are six meeting rooms in the Arsenaal that can be reserved through Outlook. When planning a meeting in Outlook you can choose the rooms below and add them to the meeting. You can immediately see if the room is free. The meeting rooms are freely accessible to employees.

On the ground floor:

  • Hum - Arsenaal meeting room A0.02 (10 pp)
  • Hum - Arsenaal meeting room B0.04 (6 pp)

On the first floor:

  • Hum - Arsenaal meeting room A1.04 (8 pp)
  • Hum - Arsenaal meeting room A1.48 (5 pp)

On the second floor:

  • Hum - Arsenaal meeting room B2.05 (6 pp)
  • Hum - Arsenaal meeting room B2.03 (6 pp)

Meeting rooms are equipped with a meeting screen with a PC, keyboard and mouse. You can log in with your own VUW login. It is possible to connect a laptop.

LUCAS Vital ideas

We strive to make the Arsenaal a healthy workplace, under the name "LUCAS Vital". If you have good ideas about this, please let us know. Suggestions can be sent to im-lucas@hum.leidenuniv.nl.

Update LU card and return your key

In the Arsenaal, the work rooms can be opened with the LU-Card. Before you can open your new room, it is necessary to bring your card to an updater. There is an updater at the main entrance of the Arsenal. At least every 30 days, the card must be returned to the updater. Keys of your old room must be returned to the Lipsius Service Desk from Monday 16 March.

Unpack after the move

The removal boxes will be collected by the mover on Monday 30 March. Therefore, start unpacking your things on time. You can store empty boxes temporarily in room B1.01.

All important data

Wednesday and Thursday February 26 and 27 Cleaning days
Thursday February 6 First delivery of moving boxes for common cupboards
Monday March 2 Second delivery of moving boxes
Monday March 14 – Thursday March 19 Moving days; workplaces cannot be used
Friday March 20  Workplaces are available again
Friday March 27 Handing in empty moving boxes in room B1.01
Monday March 30 Empty moving boxes are collected
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