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Reserving rooms

Within the university you can reserve rooms for educational and non-regular educational purposes, but also for events, meetings and gatherings.

Reserve a room in Outlook

Do you want to meet with a small group of people (2 to 12 persons)? You often can make a room reservation in your digital agenda in Outlook (read the Dutch explanation).

Someone at the Service desk of the building often has to approve your request. You receive an e-mail when your request is approved or not.

Reserve a room with paper form

Are you organizing an event? Are you giving a (guest) lecture? Or do you have a meeting with a larger group? You can make a room reservation by paper form. You hand in the form at the Service desk of the building. This also applies to people from outside the university who would like to reserve a room.

Below you find the forms of the locations at Leiden University. Print it out and see where you can find the Service desks of the buildings.

View room reservation

Would you like to know where a course is taught or check out an online reservations? Please go to the room reservation system (ZRS).

View your room reservation in ZRS

Book a room for regular teaching and examinations

Please use the forms below to book a room for regular teaching and examinations.

In doing so please take into account room availability and facilities (PDF).

You can e-mail the completed forms to the Scheduling Rooms department (zalenbeheer): zalenbeheer@ufb.leidenuniv.nl.

Book a room for other purposes

Please use the form below to book a room or cancel a booking for other purposes than teaching.

NOTE: To complete the form you should first save the file. The completed form should be handed in to the Servicedesk by the secreteriat of your department.

If you have any questions, please contact the Service Desk by e-mail or telephone:


Service Desk Lipsius, Central Hall


071 527 2402 



Additional fees

There are no additional fees for booking a room, although you will be charged for extra cleaning or other facilities. For these additional fees you need to have a SAP number.

If you want to make reservations for a room for a seminar, conference or meeting, you can contact the institute secretariat. Please mention the name of the activity, the number of attendants and the date and time for which you want to make the reservation.
Requests for reservations for activities related to education programmes, can be sent to the Education Administration Office

Conference Room

A representative meeting room is available on the second floor of the Johan Huizinga Building. It can host a maximum of 20 people. The room includes a large screen with sound and a computer (university presentation point) and a flipover. A skype set can be borrowed at the institute secretariat.

The Conference Room can be reserved for staff members of the institute for meetings, job application rounds, seminars and conferences. The reservation can be made by sending an e-mail to the institute secretariat. Unlike most rooms on campus, the Conference Room is locked when not occupied. The key for the room can be picked up from the institute secretariat in room 0.03 or from the reception desk in the Lipsius Building.

Small Meeting Room

Room 1.62a is a small meeting room on the first floor of the Johan Huizinga Building, where one-on-one meetings with students or small team meetings (maximum of 6 people) can be held. You can freely use the room when it's vacant. However, room reservations always have priority. The room can be reserved through Google Calendar. The login details for this calendar can be requested for at the secretariat.

Common Room

The Huizinga Common Room (Koffiekamer Huizinga) in the Johan Huizinga Building is available every weekday from 17:00 for drinks after meetings or conferences. Reservations need to be made through the secretariat. The secretariat can also help with the organisation of the drinks.

Opening Hours

The Johan Huizinga Building and all other buildings on campus, except for the (main) Lipsius Building, are opened for visitors and students from 07:30 - 17:30 on weekdays. In the evening and during the weekends, staff members can use their office space in the Johan Huizinga building by picking up the key to the main entrance at the Lipsius reception desk with their 'blue building pass'. Visitors and students are not allowed in the Johan Huizinga Building outside the regular opening hours. The Lipsius building has longer opening hours and is opened during the weekends as well.

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