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How to order catering

You can order various forms of catering via the Party Catering Administration Office. Examples include meeting packages with tea and coffee, lunches, drinks boxes and buffets. Nearly all catering can be ordered online via the online catering order system.

How to order catering online

You need a ULCN account to place an order, and can only do this from University locations.

online catering order system

Catering for a meeting or event

You can order various forms of catering at any location of your choice for meetings, events or informal gatherings:

  • Flasks of tea and coffee
  • Extras with tea and coffee
  • Lunches
  • Snacks and platters
  • Drinks box
  • Buffets


You can order all catering via the online catering order system. For this you need to have a ULCN account and a SAP number. More information can be found in the Catering Order System Manual.

Catering in Faculty Club and Academy Building

An alternative range of catering is available for the Faculty Club and the Academy Building. For these locations, you order buffets directly via the Party Catering Administration Office and not via the online order system.

Business Catering Administration Office

The Party Catering Administration Office provides catering for meetings, events, receptions etc. at all locations and the event locations. The Business Catering Administration Office is responsible for the University restaurants, caf├ęs and coffee rooms, and manages the vending machines for hot drinks and snacks.

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