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If you cycle to work, you can use the University’s bicycle racks or lockable bicycle sheds; to use a lockable shed, however, you need a bicycle pass. At some locations you can also borrow a staff bicycle.

Bicycle parking

Bicycle racks are available on the sites of the buildings. You can park your bicycle in these, or use a lockable bicycle shed. The sheds are only for the use of University staff, and you need to have a LU Card

For safety reasons, you are only permitted to park bicycles in bicycle racks. You may never park your bicycle on the footpath, at entrances to buildings or inside buildings. The University is not liable for theft of or damage to bicycles.

Staff bicycles

At some locations you can borrow a staff bicycle. If you need a staff bicycle, you can collect a bicycle key at the reception. Staff bicycles cannot be reserved in advance and must be returned on the same day.

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