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All University staff members can apply for a LU-Card: a personal card for Leiden University staff that gives you access to specific buildings and car parks among other things. The LU-Card also serves as University ID. You can apply for a LU-Card after activating your ULCN account.

Applying for a LU-Card

To apply for your LU-Card, log in to uPrefs with your ULCN account details. You can then upload your photograph under 'Personal Data’. After your photograph has been approved, your LU-Card will be sent to your correspondence address within 5 to 10 working days.

When your LU-Card arrives, you will not be able to use it straight away. It must first be activated at an LU-Card Helpdesk, where you will have to show a valid ID.

Passport photograph

To apply for the LU-Card, you need a digital passport photograph (300x400), which must meet a number of conditions. By uploading your photograph, you apply for the LU-Card. If your photograph is rejected, you have not applied for your LU-Card. You will be notified of this by email, after which you can upload a new photograph.

How to use a LU-Card

The LU-Card serves as a(n):

  • ID for Leiden University
  • library card for Leiden University Library
  • printing and copying card
  • access card to buildings and rooms (via the building’s service desk)
  • access card to car parks
  • access card to lockable bicycle sheds

The LU-Card is not proof of appointment.

Printing, scanning and copying with the LU-Card

At several University locations you need a LU-Card to be able to use the printers and copiers. Staff at these locations automatically receive credit on their LU-Card. Other staff can put credit on their card online or via a PinPoint at a University location.

Applying for a LU-Card for a guest or visitor

Guests or visitors who have a ULCN account with extensive facilities, such as access to a network drive, can apply for an LU-Card themselves via uPrefs. However, if your guest or visitor does not have a ULCN account, or has only limited facilities, you can apply for a LU-Card on their behalf via your Guest Management System (GMS) contact person.

The LU-Card and leaving the University

If you leave the University, your LU-Card will be deactivated. If you are leaving only temporarily, you should keep your LU-Card, because it can be reactivated later.

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