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Questions about your LU-Card

Have you applied for a LU-Card but not received it? Does your LU-Card not work? Or do you have a different question or problem? Listed below are a few common questions and problems relating to the LU-Card.

What should I do if I have not received my LU-Card?

Send an email to lu-card@leidenuniv.nl and state your account name or employee number. You will receive your LU-Card within 5 to 10 working days, after the official start of your position.

Have you renewed your photograph? After uploading the new photograph, you will not automatically receive a new LU-Card. In this case, you should go to one of the helpdesks to replace your existing LU-Card. You may have to pay for this. Take your current LU-Card or a valid ID with you.

Have you changed your address and also uploaded a (new) photograph? It takes 24 hours for a change of address to be implemented in all systems. In this case your LU-Card might have been sent to your old address. After changing your address, you should wait at least 24 hours before uploading your photograph.

What should I do to renew the passport photograph on my LU-Card?

First upload an up-to-date passport photograph in Account Services. Then go to one of the helpdesks to block your current LU-Card and obtain your new LU-Card. You may me be charged for your new LU-Card. Take your current LU-Card or a valid ID with you.

Will my passport photograph also be used for other purposes?

The passport photograph on your LU-Card will not be used for any other purposes.

What should I do if I want access to a car park?

The parking page gives you more information about access to car parks with your LU-Card.

What should I do if my LU-Card doesn’t work?

Are you unable to gain access to a building? Or does your LU-Card not seem to be functioning properly in other situations? If your LU-Card doesn’t work, it may be for one of the following reasons:

  • Your LU-Card has not yet been activated. Go to one of the helpdesks.
  • Your LU-Card has been activated, but does not give access to a building or room. For extra access rights, go to the service desk of the building.
  • The access rights on your LU-Card have expired. Go to the service desk of the building.
  • Your LU-Card is faulty or there is another reason. Go to one of the helpdesks. A new LU-Card costs € 15. If the card is not faulty due to careless use, you will receive a replacement free of charge. 

What should I do if my LU-Card is lost or stolen?

Report loss or theft to one of the helpdesks, where you can block your old LU-Card and buy a replacement card for € 15. If you show a report of the theft to the police, the replacement card is free of charge.

What should I do if I find a LU-Card?

Hand in the LU-Card to one of the helpdesks or send it by post to:

Leiden University
Attn. LU-Card Administration
Antwoordnummer (freepost) 10368

What should I do if the information on my LU-Card is incorrect?

Perhaps your passport photograph is not shown clearly on the LU-Card because it is, for example, too light or too dark? Or your name is spelled incorrectly? If so, you can replace your card at one of the helpdesks. You may have to pay for this. A new LU-Card costs € 15.

What should I do to protect my LU-Card?

The LU-Card can be damaged by careless use. Plastic protector sleeves are available from the University shop (Plexus).

Printing and copying

You need a LU-Card at a number of locations to be able to print and copy. Staff at these locations automatically have a credit on their LU-Card. Other staff can credit their LU-Card online or via a PinPoint at a University location.

If you have problems with printing and copying using your LU-Card, please report this as quickly as possible via this form.

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