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As an employee at Leiden University you need a LU-Card. This is your proof of identity within all buildings and grounds of the university.

When do you need the LU-card?

It is very important that you have a LU Card from the start of your employment. You use it as:

  • ID from Leiden University
  • library card of the UBL
  • print and copy card
  • access card to buildings and rooms
  • access card to car parks.

Applying for your LU-Card

  • You can apply for your LU-Card by logging in to Account Services with your ULCN account details
  • Go to ‘My profile’ and check whether your correspondence address is correct. LU Cards are sent by post and only to addresses in The Netherlands. If your Dutch correspondence address is incorrect, update it via SAP Self Service (after logging into Remote Workplace first) or contact the PSSC Service Point. Note that it will take a couple of days for your address update to be processed in your ULCN account. Do not proceed until the correct address is shown in Account Services.
  • Note: Has the effective date of your contract not yet started? Then it is possible that the address of the university is visible. This will be adjusted automatically after your start date.
  • Go to 'My profile' and upload a passport photo. Make sure your photo meets the photo requirements. 
  • Within 5 to 10 days after the official start of your position, you will receive your LU-Card at your Dutch correspondence address. 

Your LU-Card is not immediately available for use. It first has to be activated. Read more>>>

Passport photo

To apply for the LU-Card, you need a digital passport photo (300x400) that has to meet a number of conditions. You apply for the LU-Card by uploading your photo. If your photo is rejected, your application for your LU-Card will not be processed, and you will receive a message to this effect by mail. You can then upload a new photo.

The passport photo on your LU-Card will not be used for other purposes.

Applying for a LU-Card for a guest or visitor

If your guest or visitor has a ULCN account with broad facilities such as access to a network disc, they can apply for a LU-Card themselves via uPrefs. If your guest or visitor does not have a LU-Card or has a LU-Card with limited facilities, you can apply for a LU-Card on their behalf via your Guest Management System (GMS) contact person.

Using the LU-Card

More information about using the LU-Card:

You need a LU-Card at a number of locations to be able to print and copy. Staff at these locations automatically have a credit on their LU-Card. Other staff can credit their LU-Card online or via a PinPoint at a University location.

If you have problems with printing and copying using your LU-Card, please report this as quickly as possible via this form.

First upload a current passport photo in Account Services. Then go to one of the helpdesks to block your current LU-Card and to pick up your new LU-Card. There may be costs involved in this. Take your current LU-Card or valid proof of identity with you.

When you leave the University, your LU-Card will be deactivated. If you are leaving temporarily, don’t throw your LU-Card away because it can be re-activated at a later date.

What should you do if your LU-Card stops working or you have some other problem?

Questions about your LU-Card
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