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At Post you will find information about the services offered by the Central Post room (Centrale Postkamer), postal rates and delivery rounds. If you have any special requests, please get in touch with the Post room.

Postal rates

The costs for internal mail are paid for centrally and not charged on. For details about external postal rates, please contact the Central Post room.

No details have been given regarding the cost of sending items by courier due to the fact that each item is unique in terms of contents, weight, distance and destination. The costs for sending items courier will therefore be charged retrospectively. The university has concluded framework agreements with its regular providers of postal and transportation services. Staff are not permitted to engage their own service providers. 

Items being sent to a destination outside the EU

The following requirements apply when sending an item to a destination outside the EU:  

  • No specific action is required when submitting a standard letter for delivery.  
  • When submitting an item to be sent by registered mail or courier, you must:
    • State the contents and the telephone number (of the addressee) on the item itself.
    • Make sure that the words ‘per aangetekend’ (by registered mail) and/or ‘per koerier’ (by courier) are written (and marked) legibly on the item.
    • Depending on the value of the item being sent, it will sometimes be necessary to enclose the invoice stating the value (or purchase price) of the item.  

The customs authorities and/or the transportation company/courier/postal service in the destination country may need this information to contact the recipient in connection with the contents of the shipment (due to import safety and/or customs charges). It may also be necessary to contact the recipient directly regarding the delivery address and/or in order to agree a delivery time. You must always check that recipient gives their consent for you to provide their telephone number before sending the item.  

Sending valuable items by post

Valuable and/or irreplaceable items, such as diplomas, must always be sent by courier. Sending items by courier is the best possible way to ensure a quick, transparent and safe delivery.  

If you have any other questions, please contact the Central Post room by telephone.  

Delivery rounds

Post is picked up from and delivered to all university postal locations between 09:00 and 15:00 every day.  

If you have missed the last postal round, you have until 15:30 to drop off your mail items at the Central Post room in the Willem Einthoven Building at Kolffpad 1

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