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Do you want to transport parcels, boxes or small items of furniture between University buildings or to locations within the Netherlands? Any items that are not eligible for delivery by post can be delivered during a transportation round.

Transport application form

Need transport? Fill out the form to make your transport request. The form is available in Dutch only.

Make a request

Transportation requirements

You can only request transportation by Post & Transport if you are a registered customer and have a cost centre number. If you are not yet a registered customer, please contact the Central Post room. 


The costs for transportation depend on the quantity, time and distance. Transportation costs are charged retrospectively. For an indication of the costs of your transport order, please contact the Central Post room. 

Delivery times

You can register your item for transportation using the form above. The delivery time will depend on when you register the item. As a general rule: 

  • items registered on Monday or Tuesday are delivered on Wednesday 
  • items registered on Wednesday or Thursday are delivered on Friday 
  • items registered on Friday are delivered on Monday 

If you require a different service from that outlined above (for example, if immediate delivery is required), please contact the Central Post room by telephone after submitting your transportation request form. 

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