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Workplace in the office

Who should you contact to set up, move or adjust your workplace?

Design your physical workplace

Do you need extra or other furniture? For example an adjusted office chair, a desk which matches your wheelchair or do you need a braille display?

Don't hesitate to contact the Servicedesk of your building. This is also the case when your devices are broken.

What about facilities for working from home?

You are not allowed to take accessories and equipment home with you without asking. If you need furniture or IT equipment, discuss the options with your manager. Some organisation units can request furniture via the Service Portal. If this isn’t available yet for your organisation unit, ask your manager how to submit a request.

Who should you contact for hardware?

The the ICT Share Service Center (ISSC) can provide you with hardware, additional software and other ICT services. If you have your supervisor's approval for purchasing hardware, then make sure that you arrange the application via the helpdesk portal. For more information on what is available, see the ICT workplace.

Preventing physical symptoms

When at work, your chair and desk should be positioned correctly so as to prevent pain in your neck and back. If you want to make sure that your workplace is set correctly, or if you are suffering early symptoms, please make an appointment with your building’s health and safety coordinator. Please contact your service desk to make an apointment.

If you spend too much time at the computer, you can install Workrave pause software to prevent physical symptoms from developing. In some cases, you might benefit from using computer glasses. If you spend more than two hours per day at the computer, and you have trouble seeing the screen with regular glasses or lenses, you might need computer glasses. You may also be eligible for compensation.

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