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Forgotten heroes

Why doesn't the Surinamese resistance hero and independence fighter Anton de Kom have a memorial site in his former hometown, The Hague, while there are streets named after colonial leaders? University lecturer Anne Marieke Van der Wal-Rémy and her students are committed to the erection of a statue.

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How to contribute to a better society

Working for a social client during your studies: this is what happens at Urban Studies. For the course Urban Studies in Practice, third-year students carry out projects for public clients, such as the municipality of The Hague.

‘My team looks into shared scooters', says student Bram Middel. 'Those shared scooters are a great initiative, but there are also issues. People leave them in the middle of the street. We look at how we can tackle this problem. Can we reward people for parking them in the correct spots? Or should we maybe improve the app?’

‘Everyone in my group works hard and does their bit. We'll get partly evaluated by the municipality, we want to do well. This way, the students that follow might be able to work on even more different projects.’

‘Understanding ourselves helps us understand society’


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