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Communication resources

The Development and Alumni Relations department offers a number of offline and online communication resources for alumni. Alumni are approached via the Leidraad magazine, the digital newsletter Alumni News and the alumni website. The University also manages a number of social media accounts especially for alumni.


Alumni magazine Leidraad appears three times a year and is sent free of charge to approximately 70,000 Leiden University alumni. Leidraad is published in the Netherlands and automatically sent to Dutch-speaking alumni. Non-Dutch alumni who wish to receive the magazine can send an e-mail to wijziging@alumni.leidenuniv.nl. To deregister from Leidraad, please contact wijziging@alumni.leidenuniv.nl.

The Leidraad content is determined during editorial meetings. These meetings are also attended by faculty representatives. In addition, all faculties can submit input via their communications departments for the ‘Signals’ section. For more information about or suggestions for Leidraad, please contact Wendy Persson.

Alumni News

Every third Thursday of the month – with the exception of August – approximately 35,000 alumni with a subscription are sent the digital newsletter Alumni News. In addition to an interview with an alumnus and the most important news from the alumni department, this newsletter also contains an overview of the best read University news items and the alumni activities agenda.

The faculty alumni coordinator communicates whether there are news reports or agenda items for the alumni newsletter. The Alumni News editors make a selection based on relevance and diversity. For more information about Alumni News, please contact the alumni office.

Website and social media

The alumni website contains all relevant information for alumni. The alumni website agenda is automatically filled with items marked as alumni activities. These are activities specifically organised for alumni.

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For questions about the alumni website or social media, please contact the alumni office.

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