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Communication strategy

Our communication strategy emphasises the achievements of Leiden University researchers and students and supports our mission and core values.

Leiden University aims to be the first choice for its students, researchers and lecturers. We want to offer our students inspiring teaching and a healthy study climate and our academic staff a high-quality research environment. Being a good employer is part of our strategy. Communication, marketing and creating and retaining contacts all support us in this ambition.

Vision for the future

Leiden University also strives towards renewal. We have formulated our vision and strategic objectives in our 2022-2027 institutional plan: Innovating and Connecting.

Communication strategy

The most important objective of our communication strategy is to create an image based on what the University really stands for and our researchers’ achievements in the field of research and education: in other words, Leiden University’s identity. This means among other things that we devote much attention to illuminating our achievements. A strong image positively affects student recruitment and success in obtaining research funding.


This kind of visibility requires not only high-quality content, but also a recognisable form. By consistently applying our house style, each communication can clearly be identified as originating from Leiden University.


Leiden University is one of the top European research universities. This enhances our graduates’ opportunities on the labour market, both in academic and other positions. Leiden University’s six ambitions for the period 2015-2020 are:

  1. An environment for excellent research
  2. Activate talent
  3. Innovation in teaching and learning
  4. Strengthen our impact and innovation
  5. Research and teaching in an international environment
  6. Further expand Campus The Hague

Our communication aims to bring this across and make it visible.

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