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Conferences and events

Are you planning to organise a conference or event, and do you need a suitable location? Leiden University offers a wide range of venues. If you are looking for a professional and experienced partner to help you organise your event, you can contact our Events Office.

Leiden University’s Events Office has ample experience in organising events. If you have little time at your disposal, they make sure everything happens according to plan. The Events Office only organises events with a University-related objective.

Do you prefer to organise your event yourself? Of course we also offer that possibility. For more information on various options, see our Event locations.

Events Office procedure

If you have a potential assignment for the Events Office, please contact Mirella Imthorn at 071 527 3135. Based on general information (type of event, date, duration and any extras such as printed materials, entertainment, accommodation or transport), the Office will indicate whether they are the right partner to help you organise your event.

Once you have established that this is the case, the procedure is as follows:

  • Intake
    We will make an appointment for an intake. We will discuss your wishes and ideas for the event, and the role of the Events Office in helping you organise it.
  • Quotation and global planning
    After the intake you'll receive a quotation (without engagement). It specifies in great detail what activities the Events Office performs at what price. You decide what activity you want to outsource to the Events Office. You'll already get a global planning.
  • Order confirmation
    Once we have established which activities the Events Office will take charge of, you will receive a full order confirmation (description, price, planning, invoice agreements).
  • Preparation
    We will formulate a detailed script according to a fixed template.
  • Implementation
    The script forms the basis of the implementation of the event. For specialised components (such as catering or printed materials), we will hire third parties.
  • Evaluation
    We will evaluate the event with you. The Events Office uses this feedback to further improve its services.


You can hire the Events Office for the following:

  • Finding a location (within or outside the University)
  • Invitation policy
  • Printed materials (in University house style)
  • Catering (lunch, drinks, dinner, etc.)
  • Audio-visual facilities (such as light and sound, beamer, video)
  • Guest speakers
  • Hostesses
  • Decoration
  • Photography
  • Participant registration (before and during the event)
  • Script and planning
  • Entertainment (such as a city walk, museum visit, actor or live music)
  • Press contacts and external communication
  • Accommodation and transport (hotel accommodation)

The secretariat of the institute can help you with the organisation of your conference, seminar, workshop or other event. Currently Efy Matulessy is your contact person for requests concerning conference organisation. Please contact her in time:

Conferences: 6 months in advance
Workshops: 3 months in advance

Checklist for conference organisation

A checklist is made available to help you organise your event. This checklist includes information about locations, catering, flight an hotel reservations, PR, ICT, gifts, etc.

Checklist for the organisation of conferences and workshops

Subsidy arrangements

All research specialisations have received an annual budget for the organisation of seminars and workshops. You can contact the secretary of your research specialisation to find out whether your event fits within the programme of the specialisation and whether budget can be made available.

For conferences, workshops en seminars organised from within the institute that are not part of the annual programme or seminar series of the research specialisation, staff can also apply for subsidy from the institute's management team. All subsidy arrangements can be found here and you can request for subsidy with this form.


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