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The translation department of the Academic Language Centre (ATC) has a wealth of experience in translating from Dutch into English and English into Dutch. It is professional and reliable and provides a quality service.


Your written assignments will be translated quickly and expertly. Our translations include academic texts, correspondence, project documentation, training manuals and more.


If you have translated a text from Dutch into English, we can edit it for you. We use native speakers for our editing assignments. They also consider the intended style and target group of the text.

ATC Language Helpdesk 

Subscribers to the ATC’s services have free access to the ATC Language Helpdesk. Organisational units at the University can take out such a subscription. You will receive an answer to your question within two working days.


The fees for translation services depend on matters such as the source and target language, the type of text, its length and the expected deadline. The basic fee for translations is €0.20 per word. 

ATC subscribers receive a discount. A subscription costs € 240 per full year (€ 20 per month).

  Fee Subscriber discount
Minimum fee
€ 0,20 per word
 € 75
€ 0,19 per word
no minimum fee
Editing € 65 per hour € 63 per hour
Custom training € 80 per hour 2% discount
Presentation and lecture coaching € 80 per hour 2% discount
Exams Depends on the exam 2% discount

Translation services for subscribers

If your department makes regular use of the ATC’s translation services, you may consider taking out a subscription. You then receive a discount. The subscription also gives you unlimited access to the ATC Language Helpdesk for short questions about translation issues. The benefits include:

  • easy administration
  • expert online advice from the ATC Language Helpdesk within two working days
  • no minimum fee for short assignments
  • attractive discounts on the ATC’s services.

Translations services subscription

Subscribe to the ATC’s translation services.


Forms for subscribers

If you have a subscription, please use the forms below for translation projects or questions for the Language Helpdesk.

Terms and conditions and cancelling your subscription

Subscriptions can begin in any month of the year, once your application has been approved. Subscriptions run until 31 December of the same calendar year. They will be automatically renewed if they are not cancelled. 

If you want to cancel your subscription for the next calendar year, you must do so by no later than 15 December of the current year. Use the cancellation form for this.

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