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Argumentation training for lecturers and supervisors

In this training you will receive all the handles and tools to better guide various groups. It is a deepening of didactic skills for dealing with challenging participants. The aim is to further expand the pioneering role and to give it shape and content.

Target group
Non-academic staff
Seyda Buurman-Kutsal
Training course


In this course, participants will learn how to lead discussions of subjects that are often met with resistance. They will:  

  • deepen their understanding of social and psychological concepts, resulting in an extensive repertoire of tools and methods for influencing internal culture in relation to the themes of diversity, discrimination and ethnic profiling;
  • work on cases that have been submitted beforehand, as well as cases that are formulated during the training course;
  • improve their didactic skills for dealing with challenging participants;
  • explore their own way of dealing with and their own learning objectives on the topic of racism and discrimination;
  • learn new exercises and self-reflection tools to further expand, develop and substantiate their role as leader.

Workload and number of participants

The time investment consists of:

  • 3 half days, divided over 1 day and a half day
  • 1 hour intake
  • 1 hour evaluation.

This program has room for a maximum of 25 people.

Other information

This program includes a photo report, proof of participation and 1 telephone feedback conversation per participant. This training is part of a trajectory of 3 training courses for teachers and supervisors, but can also be followed as an individual part.

Any managers, heads of departments, chairs or directors interested in this course should send an email to diversitytraining@bb.leidenuniv.nl to discuss the possibilities. More information will be posted on the Diversity and Inclusion Expertise Office webpage shortly.


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